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We’re living in an age where “celebrity” has taken on a whole new meaning. Akin to the characteristic movie star or professional athlete, today influencers are achieving celebrity outside the confines of social media.

One Daydream loves to help people find their niche. We dig deep to recognise the core values and inimitable quirks that set you apart from the rest, and work with you to nurture these into something marketable. 

Then, together we will create a long-term strategy to nail your positioning, maximise opportunities and catapult your career. We have created a team filled with the best skill sets around the nation in beauty, fashion, wellness, design and business.


Interview Opportunities

Whether it’s a feature in a glossy magazine or interview on a popular podcast, we leverage our relationships and keen understanding of the media landscape to secure opportunities that will profile and raise awareness of your personal brand.

Brand Ambassadorships

We align our talent with ambassadorships of all shapes and sizes, whether it’s a one off gig to launch a new brand, or an ongoing ambassadorship involving a multi-layered engagement across everything from social media to in-store marketing and advertising. 

Paid Influencer Programs

Playing in the field of PR and talent management has equipped us with the prowess and insider knowledge to secure the very best fees for our talent when negotiating branded content creation. We take the complexity out of the process and make sure that your paid brand collaborations are fruitful for all parties. 


Hosting events comes with enormous responsibility. One Daydream can help you to learn the ropes and grow your confidence, giving you the voice and tools required to story tell, deliver key brand messages and hold an audience.

Tre Dallas, One Daydream PR, The Dream Team