Blair James
Blair James



As the Co-Founder of the world’s top-selling self-tanning brand, Bondi Sands, Blair James, has established himself as a serial creative, disruptor, entrepreneur and marketing visionary in the global billion dollar beauty industry.

After his father moved the family to the UK in 1986, where he managed a store stocking
Australian branded goods, Blair, just seven, seized the opportunity to demonstrate his savvy
business skills by taking jars of Vegemite from the store and selling them for one pound
throughout the shopping centre.

Having overcome periods of poverty and losing both of his parents to illness by the age of
just 23, Blair says his life experience has also helped to shape the entrepreneur he has
become today.

“From a young age I learnt the importance of hard work and taking a chance.”

“My dad’s business wasn’t successful; there were points where our family couldn’t afford to
have a phone line put on,” Blair admits.

“I’m aware that losing both of my parents at such a young age meant I could have gone
down a very different path, and I am passionate about sharing my journey to the mindset
that ensured I overcame the challenges life threw at me.”

After seven years running a lucrative spray tanning company, Blair’s determination to offer
clients the same at-home results has shaken up the self-tan industry. Since launching in 2012,
and with just four staff members until 2016, Bondi Sands is now stocked in 22,000 retailers
globally, offering 48 products across four market categories and holding 60 per cent of the
market share in Australia.

As social media increasingly becomes an extension of the brand, Blair is part of a new breed
of business leaders and “social CEOs” who are building a robust following, reinforcing Bondi
Sands as a bona fide empire.

With the global self-tanning industry poised to expand steadily at a rate of 5.3% until 2026, at which point demand for self-tanning products is expected to amass global revenues worth
nearly $5.5bn, James is at the forefront of the billion dollar boom.

With extensive experience in brand and product strategy, marketing, retail and ecommerce,
Blair is available for business profiling, panels, podcasts, expert commentary as well as larger,
more personal feature stories and interviews.