What We Do At One Daydream PR

Communication Plans & Brand Strategy

One Daydream is a Sydney & Melbourne based PR, creative and digital agency. We predominantly operate in the world of beauty, fashion, luxury lifestyle and F&B.

One Daydream PR thrives on challenging the status-quo. We push the perimeter so our clientele can revel in the acceleration of their success, watch as their brand celebrates improvements in market power & consumer trust, & ultimately establish and maintain a positive shift to their bottom line. 

Public Relations

While the world of communications is constantly enduring waves of thrills, frills & spills, One Daydream PR prides itself on the ability to focus on the goal at hand, which is precisely your brand & its success. 

We have an exceptional appreciation of what it means to provide a PR service that is of absolute value & quality. One Daydream hosts a mix of creative minds, endless energy, and an ability to strategise our way through a complex maze in a way that is impactful and measurable. We will always offer, deliver & honour a PR service that is of the highest standard. 

Events, Experiential Marketing & Consumer Activations

From pen & paper, to IRL. Regardless of the scale, One Daydream PR can take creative event ideas through from conception to activation. Whether it’s a large-scale experiential event, an intimate occasion or a phenomenal moment in time, your audience will walk away thriving on their recent sensory ambush. 

Our seasoned events team leave no opportunity untouched, no page unturned & most importantly, they leave nothing to the imagination of your audience. 

Celebrity Faces & Brand Ambassadors

Telling a story & conveying a series of messages is something of an art when spoken by someone who truly aligns with your brand and its core values. Engaging with celebrities & key opinion leaders is a unique opportunity for any brand, and if executed correctly can lead to substantial growth & strengthened brand positioning. 

One Daydream PR has an exceptional network, and one that we're delighted to share with our clientele. We can find your brand the face and voice it needs to confront & combat a competitive landscape.

Digital, Influencer Strategies & Content Programs

In order to execute a well-rounded marketing strategy today, it’s imperative that you’re playing in the digital space. We can work with you to efficiently compact digital, influencer strategies and content programs into one central & powerful core offering. 

In a time where individual voices are penetrating dense crowds that are full to the brim of active consumers, we collaborate with the right mega and micro influencers on behalf of your brand to script and deliver meaningful messages that magnify audience awareness, accelerate word-of-mouth marketing and ultimately produce real and measurable ROI.

People Profiling

Profiling is a brilliant way to put a face to your brand in order to foster consumer trust.

Whether it’s your CEO or brand aligned expert or key opinion leader, we find and secure the key media opportunities across print, online and broadcast that allow you to tell your brand story.

Brand Collaborations & Sponsorships

The art of collaboration, as long as it’s meaningful & activated with precise intention, is a pathway One Daydream PR encourages & celebrates. 

With our finger on the pulse we’re able to identify like-minded brands and events for collaboration and sponsorship opportunities that will improve brand awareness, engagement and ultimately sales. 

Finding mutual strength & leverage amongst peers can bring favourable opportunity & growth. Dare to collaborate & reap the rewards.


Being the most distinguished (or the loudest) voice in a room that is already noisy can be challenging. But it is never impossible. In a market that has become invaded by consumerism, One Daydream PR appreciates that it’s not always a matter of what you say, but a matter of why, when, where and how you choose to say it. 

Let us help you to best articulate your brand’s message and make sure it’s heard by the right people.

Issues & Crisis Management

It’s never planned & it’s never wanted, but sometimes a dreaded moment can sneak its way into reality.

Alleviating stress, minimising damage, devising discreteness & accelerating a solution, is a specialty at One Daydream PR. Our team is here to provide immediate expert counsel in times of need - no matter the issue. 

Videography & Photography

One Daydream PR works with a skillful team of photographers & videographers to make sure that the moment you create lasts the long haul. 

After investing so much time & energy into the creation of such a sensory experience, the inclusion of video & photography in your PR & broader marketing plan gives you the power to amplify a moment & build a healthy library of content to elongate the success of any event or activation.

Community Management

Social media in particular can be a fickle platform to navigate due to its ever-changing & highly saturated nature. Despite this, it continues to define the boundaries of so many brands & the communities it creates.

Establishing a well-pronounced brand aesthetic & tone using social media has proven to be extremely effective & rewarding. Lending your trust to One Daydream will ensure logical strategy & intention plays a valid part in every single post & story. From content creation to account management, reporting & paid advertising, we have the expertise & experience to ensure that your community thrives and that you secure a positive ROI. 

One Daydream PR Services
One Daydream PR Services
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